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Master Ron Michael

Ron Michael Kuk Sool Won 1978

  • Pyuhng Kwahn Jahng Nim (PKJN) (5th degree master) Ron Michael has been in Kuk Sool Won since 1978.
  • April 24th 1978 GrandMaster brings a Kuk Sool Won demonstration to University of Houston.
  • April 26th 1978 Ron Michael starts lessons with 7th degree master Young-El Park in Houston, Texas.
  • 1981 Ron Michael goes to San Francisco to practice and meets GrandMaster.
  • 1983 Ron Michael attends Houston area Kuk Sool Won Seminar held by Master Park and GrandMaster.
  • in 1991 to 1998, Ron became a private student of GrandMaster, Kuk Sa Nim, In-Hyuk Suh when he relocated to Houston and trained Ron Michael to third degree black belt. 
  • During the 1990’s as a first, second, and third degree black belt, Ron Michael started teaching at Kuk Sa Nim’s Headquarters school in North Houston.
  • Kuk Sa Nim setup a part time school at the nearby YMCA in North Houston in 1995 and placed 2nd degree Ron Michael as instructor who later would teach at several more YMCA schools in Central Houston and Southwest Houston.
  • 2008-2016 Ron Michael would become private student of 9th degree Master Alex Suh who would train Ron to 4th and 5th degree black belt. Master Alex Suh also taught private lessons to Ariel Michael and she obtained her 1st and 2nd degree black belt.
  • Ron Michael continues to train with Senior Masters such as SKJN Barry Harmon, SSKJN Alex Suh, and SSKJN Richard Roper.
  • Over the years, many of Ron Michael’s students have gone on to become black belt instructors themselves.

Master Alex Suh with Diana, Ron, and Ariel Michael

1993 Kuk Sa Nim Wishing Ron & Diana a Happy Baby

Kuk Sa Nim, In Hyuk Suh and Master Ron Michael

7th Degree Master Young El Park (1978)

Kuk Sool Won Introduced to Houston 1978

Before you decide on a school, go visit them and have a conversation with the instructor.

Ask questions and does the instructor make you feel comfortable?

Here is what a  student who already holds several black belts said:

A great place to work out and learn a true martial art. Master Ron is patient and an excellent instructor who knows his curriculum. I could not give a higher recommendation and I have been training since a teenager myself. Come learn , come and enjoy.
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