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Training Information

Most schools want to put you on contract to pay monthly as that is how their bills like rent and electricity work out too. So, no matter if you don’t show up, you still owe the monthly rate. These open classes allow a school to build up large classes of students.  So, in effect you only get a black belt instructor or the master’s time for just a few minutes to check on your progress or to teach you since they must move on to the next student. In addition, they charge high fees for testing, equipment, and uniforms because of their retail store space overhead cost.

Kuk Sool Won of Katy always offered smaller open classes to give more time with the instructors. However, due to COVID, we had to discontinued open classes and now only offer private classes with Master Ron Michael.

Master Ron Michael continues to train in Kuk Sool Won, and his private training over the last 45 years has taught him the value of private lessons. “I am grateful for the masters who taught me and of their time. I teach to share what I’ve learned and discovered along the way. It is an honor to also teach you.”

At Kuk Sool Won of Katy, Master Ron Michael offers private classes tailored to an individual or family.  The benefit is more personal training and attention to your progress with the master. Private class with Master Ron Michael allows faster progress and more in depth training. With private classes, flexibility of appointments is available to meet both your scheduling needs and ours. In addition, private classes are not monthly based, only use the hours as you wish. We also keep the cost of belt testing fee low along with discounts on equipment and uniforms to help.

Hourly Student Training Tuition for Private Lessons

$50Per Hour No Contract
  • Pay per lesson. Private lessons with Master Ron Michael. 10% discount when purchasing 8 hours in advance. No Refunds.

Private lesson class price is for any single individual or a family up to 4 persons.  Class size can not exceed 4 persons during any training session.

Payment is by the honor system. You may use your hours as needed and when you use up the prepaid hours, then just prepay for more training. It is recommended that you train 8 hours a month for best results. However, you also have total flexibility. So, if you need to take a break or go on vacation, just start back up when you return and continue training on your remaining hours. We want you to be on a regular schedule that you and the instructor have agreed on which includes either one 2-hour class or two 1-hour classes a week for the best progress in your training. However, we understand life gets in the way of your training at times. Remember, you must notify your instructor if you can’t attend or will be running late. If you do this, then you can reschedule the class without losing it. When not attending a class, it is preferred to give at least 24 hour notice.

We have implemented an attendance system so if your schedule becomes temporarily irregular during the month, you can see when you have completed your 8 hours of training.

Additional Fees Listed Below:

One Time WKSA Registration Fee

  • When you first sign up to take classes.

Belt Testing Fee

  • Any Under-Black-Belt (Color Belt) Test, One Low Price. No Stripe Testing or Fees

Discounted Uniform Fee

  • Tax included.