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“Learning self defense can save your life.  Training in Martial Arts gives you skills that can make a difference in many situations. In fact, it is the one thing you can count on because you always have it with you.  What better way is there to gain good health and learn a lifelong skill than investing in your future with Martial Arts training like Kuk Sool Won.” PKJN Ron Michael.
Because of individual attention to each student by 5th degree master Ron Michael at Kuk Sool Won of Katy, your lessons are tailored to you, and you progress faster this way. Overall, master Ron Michael emphasizes the following training for his students: 
Self Discipline – Training is a personal endeavor that requires many hours of practice both in class and on your own. Over time you will notice the difference in your confidence and abilities.
Meditation and RespectKuk Sool Won training involves learning to improve one’s own character as well. To learn more about Kuk Sool Won and this, see the WKSA Student Handbook.
Basic training –  Stances and foot movement, advanced kicking and striking skills, Arm and leg defense against attacks, and advanced sparring and fighting skills are taught. Students learn falling techniques to be able to throw and be thrown on to the practice mats. Cartwheels and other escapes are taught.
Kuk Sool Won Forms – Forms teach you balance and movement and provide good cardiovascular exercise. There is even technique involved in executing forms for both energy efficiency, strength training, and endurance.
Kuk Sool Won Techniques – Techniques involve pressure point grabs and strikes. Joint locks are taught and how movement allows pining and restraint of individuals or of many attackers. Takedowns, throwing techniques, and self defense against these maneuvers are also learned.
Korean Pressure Points of Acupuncture – Students learn to identify the pressure point locations and the meridians that are involved and how to use them in self defense and basic health. 
Weapons training – Students start with wooden long stick and eventually learn swords, knives, various sticks, rope, fans, spear, and archery.Self defense against weapons is also taught.