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This page will give you links and information as a student of WKSA Kuk Sool Won of Katy, Texas.

WKSA Student Handbook

Students should ask your instructor regarding purchase uniforms, textbooks, sparring gear, and weapons. The school does give discounts.

For Students ready to begin black belt testing, please read the information link provided.

Every 3 months you will test at the school for black belt testing. Be sure to confirm the date and time of the test from your instructor.

Consider testing is like training and a good workout toward your health and fitness.

WKSA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is held in the Houston Galveston area around the second weekend of October of each year. Students compete for medals and trophies.

WKSA SEMINARS are held at various times of the year.

The WKSA requires all Black Belt Candidates (Dahn Bo Nims) must attend two WSKA events before promotion to black belt.  This can be either/or championship competitions or seminars.